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Публикации на студенти

Towards a Generic Course Scheduler

Authors: Teodora Puleva, Thomas Levequey, Ivica Crnkovicy and Sylvia Ilieva
Conference: CET 2011 conference

Abstract: University Course Timetabling Problem is a time consuming task that arises every year in each university. The problem consists of assigning a large number of courses to a limited number of rooms and timeslots while satisfying a set of constraints. While some algorithms have been identified to find the optimal schedule, they suffer of lack of flexibility and long execution time. Constraints are predefined and local constraints such as that two specific courses cannot overlap cannot be specified. Contrasting to existing solutions, our generic approach focus on providing an approximated optimal schedule in a time efficient way. Based on Simulated Annealing algorithm, our system is incremental which allows to recompute a new solution according to additional constraints or context modifications while taking care of reducing number of modifications from current schedule. Moreover, it provides flexibility for the universities to adapt the system to their own scheduling rules. This system has been experimented for Malardalen and Sofia universities.

jQRSS: a jQuery plugin for RSS and Atom feeds parsing

Authors: Dessislava Petrova-Antonova, Rosen Simov
Conference: CompSysTech 2011 conference

Abstract: jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library providing a wide range of functionality. One of its impressive features is support of plugins. The powerful jQuery plugin system and its active community cause development of more than 4,000 plugins listed in the library repository. However, the majority of them are stateless. This article presents a new plugin for RSS and Atom feeds parsing, built on the jQuery plugin system. This plugin, called jQRSS, extends jQuery library by facilitating the usage of RSS sources both from a developer’s and user’s perspective.

Towards database-centric systems reusability

Authors: Aleksandar Dimov, Kalina Dimitrova, Dessislava Petrova-Antonova
Conference: 12th WSEAS International Conference on Applied Informatics and Communications

Abstract: Database-centric software systems are widely recognized as successful approach for building software applications. They are characterized by the fact that the database plays the most important architectural role in them, i.e. - the main business logic resides at the database level. However, development approaches for such systems lacks of both theoretical and practical support for software reuse. In this respect in this paper we present an approach for building and installation of components that can be used as patterns for development of complex relational databases. We also have developed a tool that supports and facilitates application of the approach. A simple case study is provided in order to illustrate how to create and use components for database-centric applications.

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