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Bachelor programmes

Software engineering

Qualification awarded: Bachelor in Software engineering. Full time study. Fully financially state supported.


  • Educational

To provide the students with comprehensive knowledge in different aspects of software engineering: analysis and specification of requirements, specification of programs, program development, software quality management, software projects management, documentation, examination and management of software configurations, as well as some practical directions of the software development including those that occur in huge and complicated systems.

  • Professional

To train highly competent specialists who will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for creation, development and supporting effective and quality software for all types of computer applications.

Access to further studies and professional realization

Students who graduate with a bachelor degree in the program are able to proceed further their education in all kinds of masters programs. Bachelors in Software engineering could use their knowledge and skills as software engineers in organizations and companies oriented to the design and development of software. They could work as lecturers, analytics, designers, developers, quality control specialists, project managers, experts, consultants, etc. in business organizations or in the system of public administration. Read more.

Master programmes

Software technologies

The master's degree program in Software Technologies is elaborated according to requirements of ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula of Software Engineering. It integrates a wide range of learning in actual aspects of the software technologies. The program lasts for three terms. The last term includes graduation work. The teaching and graduation works are in collaboration with leading software companies (Rila Solutions, IBM, SAP labs etc.), professional organizations as well as other universities (Malardalen University, Sweden, Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy, University of Reading, England etc.). The students are able to use a specialized library, which holds contemporary editions in different Software technologies' fields. Read more.

Technology entrepreneurship and innovations in information technologies

Master Program "Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovations in IT" delivers to students the necessary skills to effectively and efficiently actively participate in innovative business processes and entrepreneurial companies and to participate in the creative economy initiatives. It follows innovative models for training in technological entrepreneurship and it is designed for people looking for education and mentoring. It adds value to them in innovation, entrepreneurship and the creation of new and transformation of existing companies. Wanted candidates are:

  • Graduates in Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in the field of natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences and engineering;
  • Entrepreneurs, who need additional expertise and resources;
  • Working engineers and specialists, who want to start their own business.

The training program extends the knowledge, skills and competences of the students in the field of creativity, general good governance, innovations and entrepreneurship. It combines high-quality intensive processes of classroom and practical work with real participation in company trainings, forums and world recognized entrepreneurship competitions. This innovative approach enables the commercialization of research and the creation of start-ups. Read more.

Protection of information in computer systems and networks

Phd programmes

Comming soon ...

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