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Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in IT Lab (TE&I3T Lab)

Technology Entrepreneurship and innovation in IT Lab (TP&I3T Lab) is a laboratory accelerating the scientific and educational processes at Department "Software Engineering" of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

The activities of TP&I3T Lab are focused mainly at the educational, scientific and applied sciences spheres in the field of Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship. The activities include training, research, development of innovative products and services and their commercialization. The actors at the Lab are professors, associate professors, assistant professors, alumni of Master Degree and PhD Programs "Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation in IT."


The core values of the Lab team are:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Innovation and Problem solving
  • Quality and flexibility
  • Tolerance to risk-taking and failure
  • Respect and CSR
  • Empathy, Ethics and Trust

Vision and Mission

The vision of the TP&I3T Lab is to develop high-quality, internationally recognized and recognizable training and research in the field of Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship.

Mission TP&I3T Lab is to be responsible for a dynamic and multidisciplinary ecosystem for cooperation in research and training in Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship, using recent advances and practices of leading universities and research institutions.

Strategic goals

The strategic goals of TP&I3T Lab are:

  • Building a culture of lifelong learning
  • Development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Improving the quality of education of students
  • Improved interaction with business
  • Commercialization of scientific achievements

The strategic goals of the Lab will be achieved through national and international partnerships.

TP&I3T Lab Processes

The leading TP&I3T Lab Processes are, but not limited to:

1. Develop Vision and Strategy

1.1. Assess new technology innovations
1.2. Conduct qualitative/quantitative research and assessments
1.3. Identify core competencies
1.4. Develop innovation strategy and framework
1.5. Design customer experience
1.6. Stakeholders value co-creation

2. Develop and Manage Products and Services

2.1. Research and analysis of the ecosystem
2.2. Identify and develop new technologies
2.3. Analyze market and industry trends
2.4. Research on the applicability and research/resolve exceptions
2.5. Modeling technologies to innovate services and solutions
2.6. Modeling of added value for stakeholders
2.7. Developing innovative business models
2.8. Study and validation of customers
2.9. Prototyping
2.10. Commercialization of technologies and research

3. Startups and Spin-offs Development

3.1. Define offering and customer value proposition
3.2. Training and mentoring of entrepreneurs and startups
3.3. Business development of intrapreneurship for innovative products and services
3.4. Business development of start-ups and spin-offs

4. R&D and R&BD

4.1. Collaboration with business, academia and administration
4.2. Research and Business Development of Technological Innovations
4.3. Training and Mentoring
4.4. Dissemination of scientific achievements


For reaching its goals the Lab uses:

  • Technologies
  • Intellectual capital
  • Informational capital
  • Organizational capital
  • Financial capital

Organizational structure and management


  • Assoc. Prof. Desislava Georgieva PETROVA-ANTONOVA, Ph.D.


  • Prof. Boyan Paskalev BONCHEV, Ph.D.
  • Assoc. Prof. Petko Ruskov RUSKOV, Ph.D.
  • Assoc. Prof. Alexander Dimov DIMOV, Ph.D.
  • Assist. Prof. Sia Valentinova TSOLOVA, Ph.D.
  • Assist. Prof. Georgi Hristov KADREV

Associates of TP&I3T Lab:

  • Elica EFREMOVA
  • Andrey BACHVAROV, Ph.D.
  • Boyan YANKOV, Ph.D.
  • Radostina RUSEVA, Ph.D.
  • Milena STOYCHEVA
  • Ivaylo HRISTOV, serial entrepreneur

Partners TP&I3T Lab:

Partners of TP&I3T Lab are universities and other public, private and non-governmental institutions of the European Union and countries of Asia and America.

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