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Master programmes

Technology entrepreneurship and innovations in IT

Training terms: 3 semesters
Training form: Full-time
Minimum ECTS credits: 90

Program manager:
Assoc. Prof. Dessislava Petrova-Antonova
FMI, Str. James Boucher 5, 1164 Sofia
E-mail: d.petrova@fmi.uni-sofia.bg  

Program vice-manager:
Dr. Sia Tsolova
FMI, Str. James Boucher 5, 1164 Sofia
Tel. +359882863981
E-mail: siyat@fmi.uni-sofia.bg 

Important indicator of economic growth in the 80s was the quality of products and services, and in the 90s - reengineering of business processes. In recent years the main advantage comes from creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship based on the mobility of intellectual capital, financial capital and technology is one of the main factors in achieving competitive economic advantage. The growing economy is characterized by innovative businesses and the need to develop markets, bringing together public and private sectors in harmony. Established global competitive companies create value based on economics of knowledge and innovation, not based on low cost resources.

The program

Master's program in “Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Information Technology” delivers students the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively, efficiently and actively participate in innovative business processes and entrepreneurial companies. It is designed for people looking for education and training in the field of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and the creation of new companies, such as undergraduates and graduates in science and engineering fields; entrepreneurs, who need additional expertise and resources; working engineers and specialists, who want to start their own business.

Program curricula (in Bulgarian), Program presentation (in Bulgarian) at official Faculty web site

The main advantage of the program lies in combining the talents of teachers, mentors, experts and students, the wide variety of available resources and innovative teaching methods and management.


The vision is to support the development of a critical mass of society in Bulgaria with innovative mindset and educated in technology entrepreneurship.


The mission is to facilitate and mentor entrepreneurs, who think creatively and innovatively, and who can thrive in today's dynamic and turbulent environment, entrepreneurs who jointly add value for all stakeholders.


The main objectives are to educate and train students for a successful career in both new startups and intrapreneurship in innovative established companies; to ensure conditions for practical innovative training and participation in national and international entrepreneurial competitions. 


The program is focused on strategic objectives and strategies for development of human and financial capital, as well as the processes and stakeholder groups of participants. The program team performs the life cycle stages of the leading entrepreneurial graduate programs in the world - strategic research, analysis and planning, implementation, performance measurement and improvement processes. 

Application Process

Application and enrolment of the program are implemented in accordance with the conditions for admission to the University. It is eligible for undergraduates or graduates in mathematics, computer sciences, engineering and natural sciences. The program accepts applicants who have completed also other specialties, and depending on their specialty of education they have to take additional exams in order to acquire the necessary basic knowledge in informatics. Admission to the program is implemented according the exam procedure, which is the same for all specialties in the master programs at the Faculty. Applicants for places of both types: “state funded” and “student paid education” are required to pass the admittance exam. If there are places left unoccupied, exceptional enrolment is allowed based solely on results from higher education diploma. 

Educational process

The program extends the knowledge and skills of the students in the field of creativity, general good governance, innovation and entrepreneurship. It combines high-quality, intensive processes in education and practical work with real participation in company trainings and world-recognized entrepreneurship competitions. This innovative approach enables the commercialization of research and the creation of start-ups.
In the process of learning we appreciate and promote academic honesty, teamwork and cooperation. The evaluation includes theory and practice; individual and team contributions; work projects, participation in real events and other innovative activities.

There are several reasons that make that program different from the classical ones:

1. The program is oriented mainly towards teamwork and actions, essential for successful entrepreneurs.
2. The team of teachers is trying to make theory and practice easy to learn and use.
3. The program is designed to develop further together with the students.
4. Emotional intelligence and serious games are used in the educational process.

Students’ perspectives for further career development

Students graduating the program will acquire the following core competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  • Recognizing the needs of consumers and opportunities for technological innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Adding value to technology, markets and management;
  • Implementing key factors for successful innovation;
  • Develop value adding business or social oriented activity (entrepreneurial thinking, knowledge, tactics);
  • Developing and presenting a business plan;
  • Focus on reengineering customer processes and offering new dynamic and competitive adequate services;
  • Commercialization of research and innovative technologies;
  • Planning, development and implementation of innovative strategies;


Since its launch in 2007, the program trained more than 300 masters and 9 PhD students. Graduates of the program have created more than 50 doctoral and student startups. Practical students’ team work in these companies gives the students valuable experience that contributes much additional value to the academic training which students receive. Ten from these students’ startups are very active and have created more than 100 high-tech jobs in the country.

History of the program

The master program was established in 2007 in collaboration and valuable support of the University of Berkeley, USA, with global IT company Intel, as well as in terms of cooperation with clusters of teachers of entrepreneurship in Europe and Asia. The program attracted leading Bulgarian and foreign professors and experts in various fields of business.  

Courses' annotations

Information about the program courses abstracts you can find here. Read more.

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