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Bachelor programmes

Software engineering

Qualification awarded: Bachelor in Software engineering. Full time study. Fully financially state supported.

Admission requirements

The selection of Bulgarian students is based on an entrance exam in mathematics. Candidates are selected according to their achievement on this exam and the grades in mathematics and physics from the high school diploma.


  • Educational

To provide the students with comprehensive knowledge in different aspects of software engineering: analysis and specification of requirements, specification of programs, program development, software quality management, software projects management, documentation, examination and management of software configurations, as well as some practical directions of the software development including those that occur in huge and complicated systems.

  • Professional

To train highly competent specialists who will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for creation, development and supporting effective and quality software for all types of computer applications.

Access to further studies and professional realization

Students who graduate with a bachelor degree in the program are able to proceed further their education in all kinds of masters programs. Bachelors in Software engineering could use their knowledge and skills as software engineers in organizations and companies oriented to the design and development of software. They could work as lecturers, analytics, designers, developers, quality control specialists, project managers, experts, consultants, etc. in business organizations or in the system of public administration. Learn more.

Examination and grading regulations

Final grades in each subject are based on written and oral examinations.

Technical facilities

For educational purposes in the specialization there are modern computer laboratories, multi-media projectors, laptops, laser printers, scanners. Two libraries are also available. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Linux are the most commonly used operational systems in the training process. Access to all Microsoft products is granted; the entire software for development of solutions based on Oracle is available.

Research areas

The scientific research of the professors focuses on the problems of software engineering.

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